Alinof TimerPro

Alinof TimerPro
Optimized for macOS Sierra and Retina display

With the Alinof TimerPro, your time management will be more efficient than ever before!

The Alinof TimerPro allows you to quickly and easily set a countdown, or set an alarm time at which you want to be notified. Whether for a meeting, pick up your laundry in 2 hours or alert you in 6 minutes once your cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed. With Alinof TimerPro you can set up to 10 timer, add your own alarm sound, switch to full screen mode and much more...

This application is very useful for absolutely anyone, and the ‘full-screen’ option is especially handy for teachers; for example, the remaining time left for an exam can be projected on a screen. Don't hesitate to compare this TimerPro with other available timers; its functionalities, design and great price will rapidly convince you!

✓ Use up to 10 different timers simultaneously
✓ Use the ‘Timer’ mode or the ‘Alarm’ mode
✓ Choose between a ‘normal’, ‘full-screen’, or ‘always visible’ display
✓ Use the new modes: count over, loop, link to
✓ Customize the title and alert message
✓ Choose between 25 background colors
✓ Add your own alarm sounds
✓ Add your own background picture
✓ Display the smallest remaining Timer in the menu bar
✓ Translated into FR, DE, EN, IT, ES, RU, CN and JP


Quick help


Terminal / AppleScript
The TimerPro can also be started with a command from the Terminal or from the AppleScript. The options or arguments for each timer must be enclosed in {} and separated with a space
{Timer#0:H00M15S10 ModeTimer Start} {Timer#2:H20M00S00 ModeAlarm} ...

The following options are available:
• Timer#x: x = Nb of the timer [0-9]
• Hxx xx = setting the hours [0-23]
• Mxx xx = setting the minutes [0-59]
• Sxx xx = setting the seconds [0-59]
• Mode ModeTimer = countdown timer, ModeAlarm = alarm timer
• Start = directly start the timer

Example with AppleScript:
do shell script "'/Applications/Alinof TimerPro' {Timer#0:H00M15S10 ModeTimer Start} {Timer#2:H20M00S00 ModeAlarm}"

This function can only be used at the start of the TimerPro, if the TimerPro is already started you need to close it before you can use again this option.


Comparison between the two versions, the 'Timer' and the 'TimerPro'


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